NEW Service - Online and phone coaching & organizing.

The Path to Organizing Success

The Beginning

Your call to us – Understanding  your Needs and Answering your Questions

First Appointment: Project Assessment and Getting to know you – Building Trust

Provision of Assessment Summary & Action Plan – Understanding the Scope and recommendations based on observations

The Process

Set Appointments & follow through according to your personal customized action plan

Coaching and Consulting – Clearing your mind, Training, New Habits, Tips & Tools along the way

Letting go and Making room– we assist you with the purging, recycling, selling, shredding, donating, space planning & customized systems for home and office

Resources, Time and Cost

We coordinate and hire all third party resources such as movers, recycling, charities, cleaners, etc or provide you with recommendations

Recommendations for assisting resources, consignment stores, specialty recycling, etc

Complete Project – Time & Cost of entire project depends on size, your involvement,and how fast you can let go and/or form new habits

Ticket to Success

Implementation of new Systems, Structure, Habits – New Environment =New Life

Follow up and making sure the New is working for you

Accountability Program – Learning new habits and getting accustomed to new processes, systems, structures, management – simply enabling you to follow through.