What is hoarding?
A state permitting clear perception and understanding; the area that may be seen distinctly or resolved into a clear image.
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What is hoarding?

Hoarding is the excessive acquisition of possessions (and failure to use, or discard them), even if the items are worthless, hazardous, or unsanitary. Compulsive hoarding impairs mobility and interferes with basic activities; including cooking, cleaning, showering, and sleeping.  It is not clear whether compulsive hoarding is a condition in itself, or rather a symptom of other related conditions such as OCD.  Clients with ADD have a tendency to hoard.

Although not commonly used by clinical psychologists, the criteria for five levels of hoarding have been set forth by the Institute for Challenging Disorganization (ICD) entitled the Clutter Hoarding Scale.  Using the perspective of a Professional Organizer, this scale distinguishes the five levels of hoarding with Level One being the least severe and Level Five being the worst.  Within each level there are four specific categories which define the severity of clutter and hoarding potential:

1.       Structure and zoning;

2.       Pets and rodents;

3.       Household functions; and

4.       Sanitation and cleanliness.