“If you think change is expensive, consider the price of irrelevance”. – Tugboat
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Circumstances and changes can influence our organized life.  For example; you are downsizing your living space, relocating, new job, overwhelming projects, too much on your plate and can’t say “NO”, you are a “one-man show”, new employees or managers, new boss, new family members, loss of partner or family member – just to name a few.  Whatever the circumstances are, clutter is a symptom of what is really going on in your life and adds on to more stress, depression, and other health conditions.  In addition – in a business environment for example, clutter can lead to bigger workloads, projects not followed through, lack of confidence, disrespect, stress leave, or loss of business and money.

When somebody thinks about organizing, they think about clearing space of clutter.

But there are two legs to the organizing: One is the physical organization of space, and the other is de-cluttering your mind.  We offer the full rounded program.