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Residential Services

1. Room by Room Concept: Sorting through all clutter areas.  Finding homes for the keepers, and making it easier to let go of the things that do not serve you anymore.  You only keep a) What you need & use.  b) What you really love.  c) What makes you money and does not cost you any money.

2. Downsizing: Moving from a big house into a smaller space, or into a seniors home?  Have too many things for your new home?  The Organizing Wizard will help you to find those precious things to keep, and a new home for the things that could not stay with you.  We will help you making those hard decisions.

3. Estate Organizing: Everything in order and taken care of.  Losing a loved one is hard, having to go through the personal belongings of this person can be even harder. What to keep and what to let go, The Organizing Wizard will help you with all aspects of the estate organizing.

d) Space Planning: Giving your home a positive flow, by putting every piece in place where it belongs.  Giving an old home a fresh makeover or planning a fresh start for a new home?  The Organizing Wizard will help create a harmonious living environment and will finish up with a decorating touch.

4. Home staging: Planning on selling a house? The Organizing Wizard makes sure that prospect buyers will find your property attractive and welcoming.  Realtors and ultimately the owners will have the possibility to increase sales by 10%, showing a property organized and decorated accordingly.

5. Relocating: Moving can be a nightmare. The Organizing Wizard will take care of all logistics and details, such as organizing boxes, hiring the movers, packing, moving, and unpacking.  The Organizing Wizard will make moving  a pleasant dream.  Take advantage of our space planning service, before you move into your new home or office.